About The Tiki Geeks

The Tiki Geeks are followers of many things geek. Such as, but not limited to; smart phones, computers, Tiki drinks, card games, Conventions/Expos, Tiki destinations, Tiki drinks, Role Playing Games, portable gadgets, interacting through social media outlets, Tiki Drinks, tropical dining, aloha/Hawaiian clothing, movies, Tiki drinks, purveyors of the Tiki spirit… etc.

Who are the Tiki Geeks…?

JavaKat –

Buckaroo – Has been a follower of the Aloha spirit since he got his first Hawaiian shirt as a child. Things progressed as computers, combined with a love of art and animation, overlapped. Mixing various spirits for the perfect tropical cocktail are ongoing. Currently exploring what the world has to offer an avid Tiki Geek.

Waikiki G –

Jon –

If any of these also interest you, this is a blog you are going to want to stop by regularly for a fun take on the things that matter to you!

The Tiki Geeks are reachable through e-mail at tikigeeks@gmail.com

Twitter – twitter.com/#!/tikigeeks

Facebook – Tikigeeks

Or by phone – 708-402-8454


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